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Grassland 3D Screensaver

Launch this animated 3D screensaver and you'll see dozens of shades of white clouds, hear the song of Grasslands
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5 September 2011

Editor's review

When you are hard at work in your office, you end up getting disturbed after few hours. Thus it is always a great idea to take a short break from work and relax. In case getting out of the office is not possible then the best way to relax would involve looking at a mesmerizing screensaver playing out on your computer screen. In this regard we would suggest that you checkout the engrossing Grassland 3D Screensaver 1.0 screensaver which offers you a scintillating view of lush green landscape which can offer you a sense of calm.

As the Grassland 3D Screensaver 1.0 starts to play it brings before you a flushing meadow which both beautiful and engaging. The serenity of the environment would be in stark contrast to our hectic lives where we keep engaged in monotonous tasks. As you closely observe the scenery coming out on your screen, you would visualize clear skies interspersed with mystical clouds. Next you can even see small hills in the distance and some trees dotting the landscape. As the countryside comes into the view you would be enthralled by its charm. In the front a solitary stands out of the grassland, signaling you to come and sit under and spend moments of calm. The grassland theme can even encourage you to go to a picnic in the countryside at the very next opportunity. This is a perfect screensaver to unwind and it would refresh your mind when you get back to work after the break. The background score is quite apt and goes with the green theme.

The Grassland 3D Screensaver 1.0 on account of its neat graphics and elegant effects earns a score of three and half rating stars. The photo-realistic imagery can give you a real life experience which you would cherish for many moments.

Publisher's description

Do your eyes see only 256 colors? Does your brain think in 1024x768 resolution? It's not too late for a reboot back into the real world! Grassland 3D Screensaver will rip the gray haze of office life off your eyes. Time to feel free and get outside! To boundless, sun-filled meadows! To head-spinning hues and smells, and blindingly bright colors; to the times when the trees were large and we were the happiest people on earth...
Grassland 3D Screensaver
Grassland 3D Screensaver
Version 1.0
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